GSO Company:
four areas of expertise
in one hub.

We look at the scenario from above
to increase the human capital value.

We intercept stimuli from below
to activate change in real time.

We look at weak signals to give
greater strength to people and organizations.

About Us

We are a consulting firm in the field of human resources, on the market since 1995.

We help people and companies in the development and transformation process from Vision to Action, giving value to the most important asset: the Human Capital. Aware that innovation processes, that create value for the company and all its stakeholders, spring only from the value of diversity.

GSO Company is a holding with four companies operating in different areas, providing enterprises with the most effective solutions to attain business goals.

Turning potential into reality.

What we do

The psychological research, the scientific approach, the international experience, the most up to date assessment methodology. Made easier.

Discover solid HR solutions to make your company grow.

Enter UTilia

The best ambassadors of your brand are concealed in your co-workers.
How do you get them involved?

Discover how to enhance the engagement of your organization.

Enter Wingage

Dear CEO, would you like not being always the Chief who makes decisions?

Discover how to turn on the competitive edge of your company.

Enter ELAN




What's Up

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Via Antoniotto Usodimare 3, 37138 Verona
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Galleria dei Borromeo 3, 35137 Padova
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